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VPS plans

Base VPS plan

The basic BitFolk VPS comes with:

RAM (MiB) SSD Storage (GiB) Monthly data transfer (GB) Monthly cost Quarterly (3-monthly) cost Yearly (12-monthly) cost
1,536 10 2,000 £6.49 £17.80 £64.90

All prices exclude VAT.

Payment methods

We accept:

There's an article in our wiki about payment methods, which goes into far more detail.

Contract length

Contract length is the same as the billing period (monthly, quarterly or yearly).

Notice period

Just notify us any time before your next payment date if you wish to cancel.


Mix and match the following extras to build a VPS plan configured to your requirements.

Item Monthly cost Quarterly cost Yearly cost
512MiB extra RAM £2.50 £6.90 £25.00
5GiB more storage £0.40 £1.10 £4.00
50GiB more archive storage £0.40 £1.10 £4.00
10GB more monthly data transfer commit £0.25 £0.70 £2.50
Additional IPv4 address £0.50 £1.40 £5.00

Need to transfer a lot of data? High bandwidth users may benefit from 95th percentile billing.

All prices exclude VAT.

Spec your VPS

Use the form below to quickly get an idea of what the pricing will be for various configurations.

RAM SSD Storage Archive Storage Data transfer per month Dedicated IPv4 addresses

comes to...

Item Monthly Quarterly Yearly
Base VPS £6.49 £17.80 £64.90
Total (ex. VAT): £6.49 £17.80
(Save £1.67/quarter)
(Save £12.98/year)

Need to discuss your order first?

If you don't see what you want here, need to discuss other payment methods or would just like more information, please contact support by email and we'll be happy to advise.

Other charges

Item Fee
Excess data transfer £0.06/GB billed monthly in arrears
Consultancy services £70.00/hour

Discounts and Sponsored Hosting

We offer sponsored (i.e. free) hosting to certain "good causes" that we feel benefit the Internet/tech community. If you think this applies to you then probably best to ask before making an order. This comes with many conditions and we're quite picky so don't be offended if we say no!

If you're a contributor to a major open source project like a Linux distribution or large piece of software then you may qualify for a 5% developer discount. If you think you qualify, please mention your credentials and a link where we can verify them in the "notes" section of the order form. Or email us first to check.


MiB is 220 (1,048,576) bytes, GiB is 230 (1,073,741,824) bytes and GB is 109 (1,000,000,000) bytes. For the purposes of tracking bandwidth use, a month is counted as 30 days.

All prices exclude VAT.